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David was an excellent manager during the time we workedtogether. He was always available to assist me on difficult salescalls and provided real substance during these meetings. Hisadvice and insight often helped me during his time at Captivate.

Lorenzo Papa

His skills attitude and approach are exactly the stuff great partnerships are born of

Bill Bell

David Drucker and his training program are born to create winners

Andrew Moskowitz

I highly recommend for any individual or sales oriented organization that would benefit from his proven expertise in selling strategies

Lloyd Hyman

I will always be grateful for his invaluable training and positive attitude

Marlene Cadillo

His teams were always well versed in the art of strategically selling clients

Chuck Bortnick

If you want to know how to turn what you touch into gold, you need this training. David is beyond qualified and knows how to teach this material so that you can take it and run, implementing it immediately, starting to move the needle instantaneously!

Karielle (Bates) Calim

He has an unrelenting passion to produce quality sales results and does so by applying the principles of true strategic selling

Paul Jankauskis

His knowledge of the process paired with his patience and ability to teach launched my media career into full blast.

Deena Denenberg