Professional Sales Training Courses

Team Training (Prices Customized)

  • Keep all content for managers to continue on with training
  • Educational- yet entertaining and motivational
  • Minimum of 4 per training
  • Zoom/Webinar/in person
  • Completely interactive, Q&A, practice.
  • Customized for your business and staff needs. Prior to start- we come up with the plan together, to make sure we maximize success.
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Top Earners Academy


8-week course

  • 2 new trainings/sale tips released per week, along with snackable pieces of content you can use.
  • Copy of David Drucker’s new book coming out this summer
  • Keep all video and PowerPoint for the course.
  • One on one during membership twice per month, personally with David Drucker
  • We know schedules sometimes change last minute-so you can complete the online training at your own pace, timeline, with high retention due to short form video for each step.

Sales Management Consulting

  • Building a winning team
  • Recruiting- talent for start-ups, low demand products, new to market, emerging technologies, general sales.
  • Managing sales personalities
  • Forecasting
  • Managing expectations
  • Leadership
  • Real work situations from experience.
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