For in Person & Zoom Training


Get to know David Drucker, the sales trainer. He’ll give you a brief overview of his career, his experience, motivations, and his desired outcome for you.


Looking inward, some role play, and getting uncomfortable. What are some expectations you should know to get the most out of this training?

The Right Mindset

Having the right mindset for this training, and 6 tips to make this a productive experience.

The Problem with traditional Selling Systems

What do we chase? Why do we not know what the next step is? Do prospects want to be closed? Why traditional selling systems are flawed, and how the selling and buying side play off each other in a negative way.

A Better Selling System

We give a high-level overview of what our system looks like before getting into the details. It gives a vison of where and how we want our sales process to go.

Setting the Stage Part 1

The first step in our system. What information do you need to make decisions, Timeframe, agenda and outcome. Why would prospects feel uncomfortable without them. Creating an environment for open and honest dialogue.

Setting the Stage Part 2

How do prospects react to pressure and discomfort? 3 components to setting the stage. Permission to say no, why this is so effective.

Finding Motivation & Creating Urgency Part 1

How do humans make complex decisions? The logical and Emotional brain. We will look at studies by Antonio Damasio, professor of Neuroscience at USC, the Iowa Gambling Study and Professor Gerald Zaltman from Harvard Business School.

Finding Motivation & Creating Urgency Part 2

What gets prospects from their current position to their picture perfect? What questions do we use to uncover motivation and create that urgency to take action? Problem, impact, picture perfect questions. Using the Socratic method (Socrates)

Overcoming Resistance- Part 1

Using Psychological Reactance and human tendencies to overcome resistance. Pulling your prospect towards a “no”! The negative effect of demanding a decision.

Overcoming Resistance- Part 2

Always pulling your clients toward a no throughout the process. Staying behind prospects on the sales continuum never getting ahead of them.

Overcoming Resistance Part 3

We go through some exercises to pull back without seeming obnoxious. Subtle language prospect use to show pressure of discomfort. From wishy washy answers to the beauty of takeaways.

Overcoming Resistance- Part 4

Using Tactical Empathy. Knowing when someone is “ok” and “not ok”. How prospects react when they are “not ok” Taking responsibility even when it’s not your fault.

Deal Killers – Part 1

Why do we skip this step? What are the most common deal killers? Money/Value, when is it that money is the only thing that matters to prospects? Relationships.

Deal Killers- Part 2

Influencers? Are there other decision makers? Influencers? How do we proactively uncover influencers? Sources of risk and discomfort. ? Things we can overcome, things we can’t

The Close- Part 1

The transition question. How do doctors diagnose and prescribe? Is it safe to move forward or do we still have things to cover? Some good transition questions.

The Close- Part 2

Presentation. Are we still selling? Is the business won or lost here? Presenting to motivations and addressing deal killers. Presenting to no.

The Close- Part 3

Negotiation. Relieving the final deal killer. Price Anchors, concessions, decreasing intervals, the odd number final offer. Exercises.

Personal Playbooks

Since you’ve taken in a lot of information, it could be overwhelming. We have created a playbook guide you through the system, so you don’t miss a step. After some time, you won’t need this- as it will be second nature for you.